Tintinara, SA - Immanuel Lutheran

Year Built: 1950

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Gibb Avenue, Tintinara, South Australia, 5266

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 11/03/2023

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History and Architecture:

The present Lutheran congregation at Tintinara developed from two branches of Lutheranism.,

In 1950 a United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia (UELCA) monthly service was held in the home of Mr Les Keller and his wife Ruby. After about a year, services were conducted in the Congregational church (present CWA Hall), still on a monthly basis until the beginning of 1960. From the latter part of 1961 until 1965 monthly services were held in the Church of England church. Following that time, services were held in the R S L Hall. No congregation was formed and these families continued their membership of the Coonalpyn congregation.

In 1960 several families tiled to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia, (ELCA) commenced holding fortnightly services in the R.S L. Hall. In the following year they constituted themselves as a congregation with ten adults and their children. The congregation was served by Pastor J H Mattiske from Keith until his departure for N S W. in 1965.

When the two Lutheran churches amalgamated in 1966, the Lutheran Church of Australia was formed. The Tintinara Congregation was then constituted in July 1967 and became part of the newly formed Coonalpyn Parish, comprising the Congregations of Coonalpyn, Meningie and Tintinara.

By 1968 it was decided a church building was required. To raise funds members of the church with farms raised and sold cattle. Construction commenced in 1974 and the foundation stone was laid on 9 March 1975. Delays caused by a wall collapsing after strong winds and the fact the original builder could not complete the job meant the opening and dedication was held over until 11 April 1976. The estimated cost was $32,000.00.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1950 - 1951 Pastor E. Hartmann UELCA
1951 - 1954 Pastor C. C. Zanker UELCA
1954 - 1960 Pastor R. F. Adler UELCA
1961 - 1966 Pastor N. C. Keller UELCA
1960 - 1965 Pastor John Henry Mattiske IM 1931 2018
1965 - 1966 Pastor W. K. Harms IM
1967 - 1969 Pastor T. T. Reuther LCA
1969 - 1974 Pastor J. K. Wilksch LCA
1974 - 1980 Pastor I. E. Klienig LCA
1981 - 1987 Pastor B. C. Tscharke LCA
1988 - 1993 Pastor N. M. Wurst LCA
1994 - 1996 Pastor B. M. Hupfield LCA
1996 - Pastor Terry R. Natt LCA


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