Truro, SA - Immanuel Lutheran (30268)

Year Built: 1937

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Sturt Highway, Truro, South Australia, 5356

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The congregation had its beginning when on Wednesday evening, 20th January, 1937, at a special meeting in the home of Bro. and Mrs. Ben Ruediger, a resolution was passed, to have Lutheran services in Truro. The services to be conducted fortnightly in the afternoon at 3 p.m., preceded by Sunday School beginning at 2 o'clock.

The first service took place in the S.M. Hall, Truro, on Sunday Quinquagesima, 7th February, about 61 attending. The congregation then consisted of three families, eight communicants and eighteen souls. Eleven children attended the Sunday School.

In 1952 permits for church buildings were granted. The committee soon had a meeting, which took place on the 1st of July, when the following recommendation was submitted to the congregation and, of course, unanimously adopted: "'That we ask the building committee to proceed with the erection of the church according to the plan submitted at an approximate cost of 3,237. On account of the lack of finance many desired features had to be left out. On the basis of this plan with various alterations, the church was built, with dimensions being 45 feet x 25 feet.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1937 - 1966 Pastor R B Reuther
1967 - 1977 Pastor Victor Friedrich Harld Wenke LCA 1918 2003
1978 - 1995 Pastor C. H. Zweck LCA 2009
1995 - Pastor T J. Rudolph LCA
2011 - Pastor Rolf Lungwitz LCA


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