Walla Walla, NSW - Zion Lutheran

Year Built: 1872

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: 17 Commercial Street, Walla Walla, New South Wales, 2659

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 17/11/2020

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History and Architecture:

The original Lutheran church was built from white granite in 1872. The present Zion Lutheran Church was built in 1924 and it is the largest Lutheran Church in New South Wales, with seating for almost 600 people. The church is characterised by its stained glass windows and its massive pipe organ.

A second church, built of sandstone mined a few kilometres to the east of Walla Walla, was dedicated in 1889. (This building, minus its steeple, still stands and is to the north of the present church building). Twenty years later, this second church became too small for the growing congregation and the present (third) church building was planned. It was dedicated in 1924 and has been used for worship services since that time.

The third church building was designed by Mr R. Rahnenfuhrer of Germany. The builders were Messrs C Hardy & Co of Wagga Wagga, using bricks made at the Culcairn brickworks. Most of the wood used in the building and furniture came from Canada. In recent years the roof of the church has been replaced and internal rods have been installed to strengthen the walls.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1869 - 1872 Pastor J. G. Klemke UELCA
1872 - 1886 Pastor T. I Egan UELCA
1886 - 1933 Pastor G. Simpfendoerfer UELCA 1858
1870 - Mr J. Urban Lay Reader
1876 - Mr A. Mickan Lay Reader
1892 - Mr W. F. Lubke Lay Reader
1895 - Mr J. T. Wenke Lay Reader
1896 - 1928 Mr A. Mickan Lay Reader
1918 - Mr G. Lubke Lay Reader
1918 - Mr E. J. Grosse Lay Reader
1923 - 1958 Mr J. H. Kohlhagen Lay Reader
1925 - 1953 Pastor J. T.P. Stolz UELCA
1937 - 1950 Mr K G. Simpfendoerfer Lay Reader
1951 - Mr L. H. Schirmer Lay Reader
1952 - Mr T. A. Grosse Lay Reader
1952 - Mr N. E. Graetz Lay Reader
1953 - 1959 Pastor S. H. Held UELCA
1960 - 1964 Pastor H. P.V. Renner UELCA
1964 - 1969 Pastor P. E. Albers LCA
1964 - 1969 Pastor T. C. Prenzler Col Chap
1964 - 1969 Pastor T. T. Reuther Col Chap
1964 - 1969 Pastor D. Strelan LCA Col Chap
1967 - Mr F. Gollasch LCA


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