Warracknabeal, VIC - Presbyterian (Former)

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: Woolock Street, Warracknabeal, Victoria, 3393

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wotjobaluk people

Last Updated: 26/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

The Church was established in 1858. Two brothers, Andrew Scott, of "Warracknabeal West," and Robert. whose home was on the other side of the creek, were amongst the staunchest supporters of the Church at its beginning and afterwards.

The first services were held in a cottage near to Mr Andrew Scott's home. With the growth of the congregation Mx Robert Scott's woolshed, which is still standing was put into use. From here a move was made later on to the School House; afterwards to what was known as the Victoria Hall, until in the late 80's the first Church was built.

Mrs L. M'Kinnon generously donated a block of land in a suitable position, and within a very short time the Church, which still serve: both the Methodists and ourselves and is still in good condition, was built. And that is not all. The Warracknabea' Charge was a big one covering, it was estimated about 2,500 square miles of territory from Areegra to Dimboola and from East Kewell to Lah.




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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1860 - Rev George Mackie
1868 - 1872 Rev J. D. Robinson
1868 - Rev W. G. Adam
1879 - 1886 Rev William Hogg
1886 - 1889 Rev J. J. Spalding
1889 - 1897 Rev W. L. Grierson
1897 - 1904 Rev W. Mackie
1904 - 1907 Rev H. T. Hull
1907 - 1927 Rev W. M. Naismith
1928 - Rev E. M. Baird
1949 - 1954 Rev L. H. Rye
1954 - Rev W. J. Crick


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1. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Warracknabeal 1858 - 1958 The First Hundred Years. LTP 285.294581 W 25 M