Warragul, VIC - St Paul's Anglican (Former)

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Paul

Address: 96 Victoria Street, Warragul, Victoria, 3820

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Gunaikurnai people

Last Updated: 27/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Church of England held services up till this time in various buildings in the Warragul district, one of which was Spong's Butcher Shop, another was the Atheneum which was the earliest building used as a hall in Warragul. Established in 1879. The first services in the district were conducted by the Reverend P J Smith at Brandy Creek in 1877. Mr Smith was a retired clergyman and had a farm in the area.

The ceremony of consecrating St Paul's took place on Sunday 26 June 1881. The opening services being conducted by his Lordship the Bishop of Melbourne, assisted by the Revs. Percy J. Smith and S. Sandiford and Messrs. Cockerill and Willcox. The building was estimated to hold about 200. The building was built by the contractor, Mr. Jones. In 1883 the church was moved from the corner of Mason and Williams Lane to Victoria Street, close to the rectory; the building was extended at this time.

It soon became apparent that the old church was inadequate, so the guardians started to plan for a new brick building worthy of Warragul. Four acres of land was sold for £450. When two-thirds of the money was raised, tenders were called for. The one from Rose and Wales for £954 was accepted on the 13th July, 1908.

This was later increased when some changes took place over the type of timber to be used. On Wednesday, 29th July, 1908, at 3.00 p.m., the Hon. W. Pearson, was invited to lay the foundation stone which is 27 in. by 171/2 in. with fifty one letters. Mr. and Mrs. Day donated a trowel for this ceremony and Mr. Appleton prepared a scroll. The new church was opened by Bishop Pain on Thursday, 12th November, 1908.

A Foundation stone reads, " To the Glory of God the Jubilee of this church this stone was laid by The Right Rev John McKeneby M.A. Moderator July 1984".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1879 - 1883 Rev S Sandiford
1883 - Rev W. J. Smith
1883 - 1884 Rev Mr Coghlan
1884 - 1886 Rev H. P. McFarlane
1886 - 1891 Rev Frederick William Willcox 1859 1905
1891 - 1894 Rev A Allnutt
1894 - 1895 Rev Edward Denton Fethers 1861 1946
1895 - 1898 Rev William Parkes
1898 - 1900 Rev R Buchanan
1900 - 1905 Rev Frank Lynch 1868 1929
1905 - Rev H P Bryan
1905 - Rev Alfred Gamble 1867 1960
1905 - 1914 Rev A. L Kent
1914 - 1922 Rev Leonard Maitland Nancarrow 1881 1949
1922 - 1926 Rev P W. Robinson 1889 1952
1926 - 1929 Archdeacon David William Weir 1875 1943
1929 - 1935 Rev Sydney T Ball
1935 - 1946 Rev W. B Clayden
1941 - 1943 Rev Claude Woodhouse L. T. 1900 1984
1943 - 1950 Canon Albert Ethelbert Clark 1892 1975
1946 - 1950 Rev G W. Edwards
1950 - Rev N. A. McLean
1950 - 1955 Canon Thomas George Gee 1903 1981
1955 - Rev A. E. Chamberlain
1955 - 1963 Rev R J. Stockdale
1963 - 1971 Canon Raymond Elver Elliot
1971 - Rev William I Burchill
1971 - Rev Edward George Gibson RD 1935


The Pipe Organ was the long time wish of the Saxton Family. When their son, Nigel was killed in a motor accident the gift of $10,000 was made to St. Paul's for this purpose. The Organ came from East Kew Uniting Church and re-sited in St. Paul's by the original makers, George Fincham & Sons, with some additions.

The total price for the whole project was $6,600. The first parts of the instrument were brought to St. Paul's on Wednesday, 1st February, 1978, the second part b on Monday, the 13th February, and the third part on Wednesday, 15th February 1978.


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