Warrnambool, VIC - Congregational

Year Built: 1909

Denomination: Congregational

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Eastern Maar people

Last Updated: 18/11/2021

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History and Architecture:

The Church began as the result of the meeting in a Timor Street Chemist's shop of two men of our Congregational persuasion, who discussed the possibility of forming a Church of the Independent order.

They were Mr Robert Winton and Mr. Thomas Nayler, who decided to call a meeting on 10th April, 1862, (as minutes of the meeting relate). "Having considered the advisability of raising an Independent Congregational Church, and circumstances occurring at Warrnambool favouring that opinion - Mr Thomas Nayler, senior, wrote to the Reverend Mr Lewis of Brighton, Secretary to the Congregational Union of Victoria, inquiring if they had any, and what means at their disposal for furnishing a minister for Warrnambool." Mr   Lewis replied that he viewed favourably their request, but warned of a shortage of ministers.

On 8th June, Reverend J L Poore, representing the Congregational Union of visited Warrnambool, conducting services that Sunday and on 9th June presided at a public meeting held in the Temperance Hall, then a small building situated in Liebig Street. The meeting resulted in the formation of a provisional committee.

Land was purchased at the corner of Liebig and lava St and the first church opened in March 1864. It remained on this site until the site was sold to the T & G Assurance in 1939 and land known as Kianga Estate was purchased on the corner of Lava and Henna Streets.



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1863 - 1865 Rev William Pentland
1865 - 1889 Rev Uriah Coombes
1880 - 1882 Rev R. Thwaites
1882 - 1888 Rev Keith Mackay
1888 - 1896 Rev Edward Dooddrell
1896 - 1900 Rev George Chapman
1900 - 1904 Rev A. P. Doran
1905 - 1907 Rev James Tonkins
1908 - 1910 Rev F. P. Barrett
1910 - 1914 Rev F. D. Trainor 1951
1914 - 1918 Rev Walter Albiston 1965
1919 - 1921 Rev H. Lovell
1921 - 1927 Rev G. King
1928 - 1929 Rev H. Cunliffe
1929 - 1931 Rev J. A. Walliker 1948
1932 - 1938 Rev A. W.A. Rowland
1939 - 1943 Rev H. F. Taylor
1943 - 1950 Rev Chas Watts
1950 - 1953 Rev T. C. Rice
1954 - 1963 Rev Frederick Thomas Ogier 1967
1964 - 1973 Rev J. Reeves
1975 - 1981 Rev Harry Herbert


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The Past of our Future, A history of the Warrnambool Uniting Church. Barry T Brown and others.