Woodend, VIC - St Ambrose Catholic

Year Built: 1916

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Ambrose

Address: 16 Templeton Street, Woodend, Victoria, 3442

Architect: Kempson and Conolly

Traditional Owners: Dja Dja Wurrung people

Last Updated: 23/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

Initially Woodend's Catholic residents were served by St. Mary's Mission in Kyneton under the guidence of Rev. Fr. Stack. He was the first resident priest appointed in 1853 and was responsible for an area which extended from Macedon to mid-way between Kyneton and Bendigo and from Trentham to Redesdale.

The first Church was constructed in 1866.

In March 1916 a contract for £2,700 was let to demolish the existing church and construct a new one (eventual cost was £4,500). Archbishop Carr laid the foundation stone of the new church for Father W.B. Power on the 7th of May 1916. £800 was collected on that day towards the cost. The church was designed by Kempson and Connolly in the new Roma-nesque style, ninety four feet long. During the construction Mass was said in the former school.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1889 - 1906 Father M. Quinn
1906 - 1907 Father English
1907 - 1913 Father E. Keating 1926
1913 - 1924 Father William Bourke Power 1941
1924 - 1926 Father Timothy W. O'Sullivan 1928
1926 - 1942 Father Patrick J. O'Doherty 1968
1942 - 1952 Father O'Brien
1952 - 1959 Fther John Joseph Murphy 1977
1959 - 1963 Father McGuire
1963 - 1979 Father R. Beare
1979 - Father Ahem
2022 - Father Martin Fleming


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