Yarram, VIC - Holy Trinity Anglican (20880)

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 95 Commercial Road, Yarram, Victoria, 3971

Last Updated: 17/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

A public meeting to consider the matter of erecting a Church was conviened on 13th August 1866. The minutes record that a block of land was secured having a chain frontage to the Yarram road, at a cost of 10 pounds. (This block is where the Rectory now stands in Commercial Road). On September 8th 1866 it was decided to erect a building 36ft x 18ft to have three windows in each side, and in the end at the Communion table, all to be "Gothic style and of metal composition". It was also settled that "the door be 4ft. wide by 7ft. 6in. high, also Gothic style, and of folding doors". In October 1866, tenders were accepted for the timber and shingles at a cost of 34 pounds.

The foundation stone (which appears to have been removed from the front elevation when the modern narthex was constructed, now leans against the south wall in 2015) and states the it was laid by the Right Reverend George Harvard Cranswick, Lord Bishop of Gippsland on 6 February 1918. The vicar at this date was the Reverend A. R. Raymond. The stone notes that the architect was G. De Lacy Evans and that the builder was A. A. Meyer. Next to this stone, sits the foundation stone of St Luke’s Church (probably of Alberton), dated 24 September 1903.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1897 - 1899 Rev J. H. Chaseling
1899 - 1901 Rev J. C. Atkinson
1902 - 1904 Rev H T Langley
1905 - 1910 Rev Herbert Thomas Fowler 1871 1942
1910 - 1915 Rev George Cox 1871 1946
1916 - Rev R Thompson
1917 - 1918 Rev Arthur Rufus Raymond 1857 1932
1918 - 1922 Rev Melchior George Opper 1884 1959
1922 - 1926 Rev F. E Thornton
1926 - 1929 Rev A E Freeman
1929 - 1936 Rev L Sawtell
1936 - 1946 Rev Norman Alexander McLean 1879 1961
1946 - 1952 Rev W. J. Clayden
1952 - 1958 Rev Richard Mellon Southey 1907 1984
1958 - 1963 Rev Raymond Elver Elliot
1963 - 1971 Rev Frederick William Hipkin 1901 1987
1971 - Rev D G. Smallbone
2021 ? - Rev Tony Wicking


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