Bardin, Charles Peter Macan (60019)

Full Name: Rev Charles Peter Bardin

Born: 1826

Died: 1911

Denomination: Anglican



BARDIN, Charles Peter Macan (Rev.)  (c1826-1911)  ( Church of England )
Born c1826 in County Wicklow, near Dublin, Ireland, the son of the Rev. Charles Peter Bardin and his wife Julia Helen, nee Hodgkinson. Educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A.,1847). Curate at Broadford, Killaloe, Ireland prior to coming to Australia in 1850.

Arrived at Melbourne on 2 August 1850 per "Lord Ashburton" from Liverpool, England en route to Van Diemen's Land where he was stationed from 1850 to 1853. Arrived back in Melbourne in 1853. Briefly at Geelong. Assistant minister at St. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne in 1854. At Christ Church, Brunswick, 1855-95. Chaplain to Pentridge Prison 1860-95 First supervising minister at All Saints', Northcote from 1860.

He married on 12 September 1867 at Christ Church, Brunswick, to Elisa Jane Nutt, daughter of George James Nutt, gentleman, and his wife Elisa, nee Osborne. Retired on superannuation in 1906. Died on 17 July 1911 at Mercer Road, Malvern, Victoria, and was buried on 18 July 1911 at the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, Vic.
[marriage certificate; death certificate; Burtchaell & Sadlier Alumni Dublinesis; Leslie & Wallace Clergy of Dublin and Glendalough]


1. Alexander Romanov-Hughes with permission