Robertson, Rev Joshua (60006)

Full Name: Rev Joshua Robertson

Born: 11 May 1880

Died: 29 December 1971

Denomination: Baptist



Born on 11 May 1880 in Geelong, son of Robert Robertson, (Evangelistic Soc. of Vic.) who arrived in Victoria with his parents from the Shetlands in 1871/2
He married on 10 Septrmber 1907 to Josephine Hogan at Sandgate (d. 1939) and later married Jessie Collins ex Brunswick. Attened Qld Baptist College 1904-05
1901 Beaudesert (assistant to Rev. T.U. Symonds)
1902-04 Sandgate
Evangelistic Society of Victoria ?
1908-09 Clayfield
1909-12 South Melbourne
1912-14 Footscray Gordon Street (co-pastor to Rev. J.H. Goble)
1914-17 Brunswick
Army Chaplain, World War I, and again as Snr Chaplain in World War II to 1942
1919-26 Canterbury
1916-29 (?) Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, NZ
ca 1930-45 Petersham NSW
1957-59 Brighton, Vic. (interim)


List of Queensland Baptish Ministers

Associated Churches:

Beaudesert, QLD - Baptist

Beaudesert, QLD - Baptist

Year Built: 1949

Address: 13 Eaglesfield Street, , Beaudesert Queensland, 4285

The Foundation of one of the churches was laid on 8 October 1949 by Mr G.C. Sweetman President of the Queensland Baptist Union.

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