Albion Park, NSW - All Saints' Anglican

Year Built: 1875

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: All Saints

Address: 253 Tongarra Road, Albion Park, New South Wales, 2527

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Architectural Style: Gothic Revival

Traditional Owners: Wodi Wodi people

Last Updated: 01/05/2024

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History and Architecture:

This Gothic Revivalist church was built from sandstone quarried at Yellow Rock. The architect was Mr. E Blackett of Sydney, and the builder Mr. Schadel. The Reverend’s wife, Mrs. Rowsell, laid the foundation stone in the north east corner of the building in 1875. Under the stone was placed a glass bottle time capsule containing a copy of the Australian Churchman, the Illawarra Mercury and an inscribed scroll.

The Church was opened and consecrated by The Rt. Rev. Frederick Barker, Anglican Bishop of Sydney, on 8 December 1875.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1927 - 1928 Rev Phillip George Burke With Dapto 1884 1956
1928 - 1936 Rev Raymond Stafford Chapple With Dapto 1899 1966
1936 - 1939 Rev Thomas George Gee With Dapto 1903 1981
1939 - 1946 Rev Mervyn Archdall Payten With Dapto 1905 1964
1943 - 1944 Rev John Addison Dahl With Dapto 1913 1971
1946 - 1946 Rev William Percy Hart Locum 1909 1987


Unknown builder (English), c.1860-80. Installed in this Church in 1953 from a church in Bermondsey, London, UK. Removed to storage in 2008 by Mark Fisher, Sydney. Undergoing restoration at Dural 2017-18 Peter Johnston and Toby Jackson 1 manual, 4 speaking stops, no pedals, mechanical action.
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