Architectural Styles

This page offers visitors an opportunity to view a selection of Australian Christian Church Architectural styles. This is not a definitive list.

These styles are in part sourced from the following,

  • Victorian Churches their origins their story and their architecture. ISBN 909710 42 2
  • Architecture in South Australia: Pubs and churches.
  • AUSTRALIAN ROMANESQUE, A History of Romanesque-Inspired Architecture in Australia by John W. East.
  • Wikipedia explanations.


Visitors can click on the Architectual style name to view a sample list of Churches for that style.



Architectural Style Number of Churches
Gothic 43
Gothic Early English 36
Romanesque 34
Gothic Revival 32
Gothic Polychrome 10
Later Gothic 9
Low and Mixed Gothic 7
Modern 6
Georgian 5
Classical 4
Renaissance 4
Gothic Survival 4
Byzantine 3
Neo Classical 3
Baroque 1
Primitive Gothic 1

Architectual Periods

Classical: From the 7th c. B.C. to 4th c. A.D.
Byzantine: After the 4th century
Romanesque: Between the 11th-12th centuries
Gothic: Mid-12th to 16th c.
Renaissance: 15th c.
Baroque: Between the 17th – 18th centuries
Rococo: Late 17th to mid 18th centuries
Neoclassical / Revivalist: late 18th – 19th centuries
Modern: started in the 20th century



A full description of Architectual styles can be viewed here on this website.