Architects by Name

Below is a snapshot of Architects recorded inside this research project. The list is currently limited to 30 entries. If you know of an Architect thats not recorded on a particular Church record, your invited to e mail the details to this website here.

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Last Update: 16 November 2023


Architect Number of Churches Designed
Edmund Blacket 33
Henry Hunter 19
Louis R Williams 16
William W Wardell 14
A.A. Fritsch 14
Keith Reid 13
Thomas Rowe 9
Henry Richard Caselli 9
John Horbury Hunt 9
John Lee Archer 8
Leonard Terry 8
Kempson and Conolly 7
Edmund W Wright 6
Edward Gell 6
James Blackburn 6
Alexander North 5
Daniel Garlick 5
T.A. Kelly 5
Nathaniel Billing 5
Lloyd Tayler 5
John Hingeston Buckeridge 4
Augustus Pugin 4
Vahland & Getzschmann 4
Reed, Smart & Tappin 4
J.P. Donoghue 4
Crouch & Wilson 4
Reed and Barnes 4
Campbell & Kernot 4
Charles Maplestone 3
Tappin, Gilbert & Dennehy 3
Terry & Oakden 3

Architectural Snippets

First Australian Church
The first church in Australia was built of primitive materials in just eight weeks by Reverend Richard Johnson. He was the Church of England chaplain to the colony at Sydney and paid for the work himself.

Edmund Blacket
He was an Australian architect, best known for his designs for the University of Sydney, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney and St. Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn. While Blacket is famous for his churches, and is sometimes referred to as "The Wren of Sydney", he also built houses, ranging from small cottages to multi-storey terraces and large mansions; government buildings; bridges; and business premises.

Augustus Pugin
In 1831, at the age of 19, Pugin married the first of his three wives, Anne Garnet. She died a few months later in childbirth, leaving him a daughter. He had a further six children, including the future architect Edward Welby Pugin.

Architect Daniel Garlick
Garlick was chairman of the District Council of Munno Para East from 1855 to 1860. He represented Robe ward in the Adelaide City Council from 1868 to 1870 and he was a regular worshipper at the (Anglican) Christchurch, North Adelaide.