Albury, NSW - St Matthew's Anglican

Year Built: 1859

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Matthew

Address: 4518 Kiewa Street, Albury, New South Wales,

Architect: Edmund Blackett

Last Updated: 05/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

The Albury Anglican Parish was established in February 1850 and by 1851 the first rector Henry Elliott had arrived.

By 1856 a plan by Sydney architect Edmund Blacket was accepted and work began in 1857. The first portion: nave, south porch and tower base, was opened on March 13 1859.

The building combines Edmund Blacket's original west wall and tower base of 1857 - 59, William Boles chanel completed in 1876 and the rebuilt church designed by Ian O'Connor after the church was gutted by fire is September 1991.

The external walls were of local Monument Hill granite, the roof was covered with shingles and the building was 92ft (28m) long by 28ft (8.5m) wide. In 1866 only eleven years after the opening the building was considered too small and during the next seven years sveral plans were discussed for the enlargement of the existing building or for its complete replacement.

The corner stone for the new St Matthew's was laid by T.H. Mate, Esq. on March 29 1874.

The outer walls of the new church were built of granite. All windows, porch and door arches were built of cut stone. The stone for the tracery of the magnificent east window came from the quarries at Table Top, and the granite from Black Range. The white freestone in the transept windows came from Omaru, New Zealand.

The main sanctuary window The Calling of St Matthew was a Lyon and Cottier from Sydney. The transept windows were by Ferguson and Urie. All were destroyed in the fire of September 1991. A bell tower with a ring of eight bells tuned to the key of A, plus one tolling bell, originally from St John's Glastonbury, UK.



This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1851 - 1858 Rev Henry Elliott 1814 1858
1851 - Rev John Davies Wilkinson
1858 - 1862 Rev Robert Potter
1863 - 1867 Rev Marcus Brownrigg
1867 - 1871 Rev David E Jones
1871 - Rev W Locke
1871 - 1890 Rev Canon Alfred Acocks
1890 - 1897 Rev Charles Kingsmill
1897 - 1904 Rev George Spencer
1904 - 1925 Rev Fred Bevan
1925 - 1930 Rev Norman W Gardiner
1930 - 1934 Rev Reginald Douglas Peatt 1891 1946
1934 - Rev Clive M Statham
1949 - Rev Fred M Hill
1959 - 1960 Rev Philip John Thirl Well Asst C 1934
1960 - 1966 Rev Ross Border 1914 1969
1961 - 1962 Rev Warren Ernest Hall Asst C 1922
1966 - 1971 Rev Russell Henry Oldmeadow
1971 - 1973 Rev John Munro
1971 - 1972 Rev David Micheal Hill Asst C 1945
1973 - 1978 Rev Stephen Holmes
1978 - 1979 Rev R. J. Lindbeck 1943
1979 - 1983 Rev Ken Patfield 1926
1983 - 1985 Rev Robert George Beal 1929
1985 - 1989 Rev Donald W McMonigle
1987 - 1989 Rev Andrew Philip Covington Asst 1945
1989 - Rev John C Davis
1992 - 1995 Rev Brian Hector Gill Asst P 1945
1995 - 1996 Rev David Kenneth Still Asst P 1965
1997 - 1998 Rev Simon Peter Coward Asst 1964
1999 - 2008 Rev Keith P Brice
2016 - Rev Peter MacLeod Miller


The Fincham pipe organ was installed in 1876. It consisted of two manuals and pedal board and contained 1419 pipes on 20 stops. The entire organ was made in Victoria, replacing the pedal organ that had come from Boston in 1869.

There has been several re modelling project over the years of the organ. The pipes were set on a raised structure located at the back of the south tansept. The console was located in a pit on the south side of the church near the south-west wall of the transept.


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