Albury, NSW - St Patrick's Catholic

Year Built: 1843

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Patrick

Address: Corner Olive & Smolett Streets, Albury, New South Wales, 2640

Architect: John Gordon

Architectural Style: Gothic

Last Updated: 16/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

Father Charles Lovat, a pioneer priest from Yass, celebrated Albury's first Catholic mass on November 25, 1843 in a much smaller building at a different location. The present Church was opened on November 24, 1872. The priest who planned its construction was buried behind the altar. He was Dr. Michael McAlroy, Albury's parish priest from 1868 to his death in 1880.

Dr. McAlroy built the church when Albury had a population of around 2600. The Foundation stone was laid on 21 August 1870 by Dr McAlroy assisted by Father William Bermingham.

The church was designed by John Gordon in the Gothic style and constructed from brickwork faced in local granite. Gordon was born in Chelsea, London around 1826 and emigrated to Australia around 1853, practising in both Goulburn and Albury and district until his death in 1880. The building was not completed to Gordon's original designs, that envisaged a longer nave and a tall tower. The unusual octagonal cupola roof to the tower was not part of Gordon's design.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1854 - 1857 Father John Maher 1902
1857 - 1868 Father Cornelius Twomey 1882
1868 - 1880 Father Michael McAlroy 1880
1880 - 1887 Father John Dunne 1917
1887 - 1890 Father Patrick Dunne 1900
1890 - 1893 Father Richard Kennedy 1895
1893 - 1895 Father William McGrath 1899
1895 - 1896 Father Jerome Hennessy 1941
1896 - 1906 Father Daniel Griffin 1932
1912 - Father Joseph W Dwyer 1869 1939
1912 - 1949 Father William Slattery 1949
1949 - 1952 Father Thomas Ignatius Barry 1952
1952 - 1973 Father John Harold Larkins 1989
1973 - 1979 Father John Desmond Lane 1989
1980 - Father Bernard Moylan
2010 - Father W. J. Fulton EV VP
2019 - Father Joel Wallace PP


The first pipe organ was built in 1892 by Fincham & Hobday at a cost of 750 and had two manuals, 18 speaking stops and 3 couplers. All the fittings inside the tambour are of handsome French polished Tasmanian blackwood. The pedal keys are on the radiating concave principle, & of Tasmanian blackwood.

The present organ has its origins in an instrument built in 1935 by Frederick Taylor, of Hawthorn, for the Baptist Church Coburg, Victoria. This was rebuilt in 1962 by Davis & Laurie, who electrified the action. In 1982 Australian Pipe Organs built a new instrument incorporating parts from the Taylor organ and a 1922 organ by George Fincham & Sons formerly in the Peace Memorial Methodist Church, Epping Street, East Malvern, Victoria. Further work was carried out by Wakeley Pipe Organs Pty Ltd in 2002.


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