Aldinga, SA - St Anne's Anglican

Year Built: 1866

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Anne

Address: Main South Road, Aldinga, South Australia, 5173

Architect: Wright & Woods

Architectural Style: Gothic

Traditional Owners: Kaurna people

Last Updated: 03/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

In 1866 residents of Aldinga called a meeting to consider the advisability of erecting a Church. An acre of land was presented by the South Australian Company and the foundation stone was laid by Mrs Short. Total cost was £785. Building opened for service by Dean Farrell and was consecrated.

The Church is a simple stone chapel derived from English parish churches of Gothic style, and the later tower continues this idiom, with pointed arched windows and a crenellated parapet. The Church was designed by notable Adelaide architects Wright & Woods. The tower and spire were designed by architects English & Soward and built during 1911.*

In 1948 the Rector closed the church due to lack of numbers but in 1954 it was reopened and restored. The walls and interior were all re painted.

The hall was commenced in 1988 when the ladies guild said they needed a place to boil a kettle. Stones were collected through rock picking picnics. The foundation stone was laid on 30 April 2000.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1860 - 1862 Rev Cuthbert Thomas Neville 1830 1887
1869 - 1892 Rev Edmund King Miller 1820 1911
1892 - 1896 Rev Francis Herbert Stokes 1854 1929
1896 - 1901 Rev G. Griffiths
1902 - 1921 Rev Thomas Wood 1855 1937
1921 - 1925 Rev H. C. Thrush 1893 1975
1943 - 1954 Rev Henry James Hughes 1904 2000
2020 - Rev Simon Waters


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