Annandale, NSW - St Aidan's Anglican

Year Built: 1892

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 120 Johnston Street, Annandale, New South Wales, 2038

Architect: J.S.E. Ellis

Traditional Owners: Gadigal people

Last Updated: 06/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

A commitment on 2 October 1891 was made to purchase as block of land at the corner of Booth and Johnston Streets for a price of £9 per square foot. A quote was accepted from Archibald Graham. The Foundation stone was to be laid 18 June 1892 however this was delayed due to building delays and a mistake by the builder who said he made a mistake with the quote.

The names St Aidan's appears to have been first suggested for the church in Annandale by the Reverend Thomas Holme of Leichhardt. The Architect was Mr J.S.E. Ellis of Pitt Street Sydney. Initially the Foundation stone was to be laid 18 June 1892 but was delayed due to building but was postponed until 23 July the same year.The stone was laid by the then Primate of Australia and Archbishop of Sydney William Saumarez.

The Building was opened for worship 5 November 1892.

To complete the building the Architect Mr Ellis presented a plan for a chancel and vestry on 30 October 1893 which would divided by folding doors that could permit either two classes to be held at the one time or opened for larger meetings.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1892 - Rev Thomas Holme
1892 - 1893 Rev Harry Izod Richards
1893 - 1909 Rev Frederick William Reeve Curate 1861 1940
1893 - Rev James Macarthur Asst
1898 - Rev Reginald Smee Asst 1870 1929
1899 - Rev Joshua Hargraves Asst
? - 1916 Rev Edward Nowill Wilton Asst
1907 - 1917 Rev James Aldridge Newth Asst
1909 - 1932 Rev Cannon Robert Rook
1932 - 1934 Rev Harry Norman Powys 1890 1969
1932 - 1934 Rev David Creighton Asst
1934 - 1935 Rev Joseph Price Owen
1935 - 1937 Rev Clifton Plessay Brown 1882 1963
1937 - 1953 Rev James Frederick Gordon Olds 1905 1971
1953 - 1958 Rev Ronald Patfield
1958 - 1970 Rev Robert William West Hemming 1908 1985
1970 - 1978 Rev James Alexander Sanders 1929 2022
1978 - 1985 Rev Denis Kirkaldy
1985 - 1989 Rev Graham Bruce McKay
1990 - 1992 Rev Peter Francis Middleton
2019 ?? - Rev Dominic Steele


c.1890 Nicholson & Lord, Walsall, England. 2m., 21, 6c., el.mag. 1968 J.P. Eagles incorporating case and pipework from previous organ, This organ has been broken up and removed.

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1. Annals from Aidan's in Annandale a collection of notes on the history of a Sydney Parish. Compiled by Roderick Best
2. Organ Music Society of Sydney with permission.