Annerley, QLD - St John's Presbyterian

Year Built: 1929

Denomination: Presbyterian

Saint: John

Address: 33 King Street, Annerley, Queensland, 4103

Architect: George Trotter

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 24/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first church was built in 1886 at a cost of £150 and their second church was built during the incumbency of the Scottish-born Rev. Alexander Duff (1885-1973) in 1929 at a cost of £3,500. Brisbane architect, George Trotter, who was also a member of the congregation, designed the second church.



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1915 - 1920 Rev Fred W. Gresham
2022 ? - Rev Martin Duffield


The Organ ws built by Whitehouse Bros of Brisbane in 1930. Additions were made in 1945 and 1948 by Whitehouse Bros. It has 2 manuals, 9 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action.
A full description can be seen here.


1. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.
2. Heritage Brisbane