Ararat, VIC - Holy Trinity Anglican

Year Built: 1867

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 32 View Point Street, Ararat, Victoria, 3377

Architect: James Fox

Traditional Owners: Djab Wurrung people

Last Updated: 16/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

In October 1857, there were meetings in Ararat to work towards having a resident clergyman and school building (which could also be used for public worship.) By mid October 1857 saw the arrival of Rev'd Philip Homan as the resident clergyman to Ararat and district.

In September 1863 the Rev'd Homan wrote to the Diocesan Architect to furnish plans for a Church capable of seating 300 people and costing about 2500 with chancel and tower or 1500 without chancel and tower. It was established in 1864, designed by architect James Fox, and a builder known as Mr Blackstone. The design features four bays, a vestry located on the south side, a polygonal apse that acts as the chancel, and an aisle.

The foundation stone was laid in November 1863 by Archdeacon Braim of Portland but it was not until 21st October 1866 that the Church was opened and dedicated by the Venerable Theodore Stretch, Archdeacon of Geelong. The Church was finally consecrated on the 16th April 1882 by the Right Rev'd James Moorhouse, Bishop of Melbourne acting for the Bishop of Ballarat (Samuel Thornton) who was absent.

The foundation stone for a new Sunday School was laid. The building cost 570. The building was opened by the Ven Archdeacon Arthur Green on April 29th 1891.

In January 1940 Holy Trinity Church was gutted by fire and within half a hour the roof collapsed and the building was ruined. After years of planning the plans for the Narthex were completed in 1984. The narthex was built and blessed by Bishop John Hazlewood on 14th July 1985.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1857 - Rev Philip Homan (later Canon)
1885 - 1889 Rev G. MacMurray (later Canon)
1889 - 1899 Rev Canon Samuel McGeorge
1896 - Mr Charles Joshua Allen Reader 1864 1943
1899 - 1908 Rev Canon Edward H Davies
1908 - 1913 Rev Sidney Alexander Beveridge 1871 1935
1913 - Rev Harry Edward Noltenius 1879 1961
1925 - Rev George Eric Menlove 1880 1960
1932 - 1946 Rev Canon Bertram H. Dewhurst
1946 - 1951 Rev Lindsay M. Howell
1951 - Rev Canon Ernst S. Yeo
1959 - Rev T.H. (Jim) Cranswick
1959 - 1961 Rev Neville Johhn Thulborn Asst C 1935
1967 - 1971 Rev K. Malcolm Lindsay
1971 - 1974 Rev Roger F. Swetenham
1974 - 1978 Rev John C. Thompson
1978 - 1985 Rev Ian N. Herring
1978 - 1979 Rev C. A. Cheong Asst 1950 -
1985 - 1989 Rev Canon Percival L.N. Rowlands
1985 - Rev A. D. Neaum Asst
1987 - 1988 Rev H. L.N. Jackson Asst
1987 - 1988 Rev S. Morrissy Asst
1989 - 1995 Rev Canon Andrew D.I. Neaum
1996 - Rev Canon George A. Parker
2002 - 2005 Rev Terence Francis Gross 1945
2005 - Rev Canon John R. Mathes


In 1951 there was a pipe organ with choir stalls. It was eventually sold and an electric organ took its place. In April 1961 a new electric organ (Wurlitzer organ and amplifier) was installed. This organ broke down in November 1979. In 1993 it was decided to buy a pipe organ from Goodwood Uniting Church, Adelaide for $10,000. The pipe organ was built by George Fincham and Sons in 1960 and was installed the following year.


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