Armidale, NSW - Baptist

Denomination: Baptist

Address: 187 Chapel Street, Armidale, New South Wales, 2350

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Gumbaynggirr people

Last Updated: 10/06/2022

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History and Architecture:

Plans for a church in Armidale were drawn up by Mr R. Hickson according to the Armidale Express 26 April 1918. On December 14, 1918 the Church building was formally opened. On February 20, 1920 a church meeting of the New England Baptist Church resolved that the name be changed to Armidale District Baptist Church and that the 'centre of the work' be changed from Black Mountain to Armidale.

A new ministry in East Armidale was commenced and a church was opened on December 15th 1951.

In February 1964 East Armidale Baptist Church and Armidale District Baptist Church reunited under one membership with two centres of worship.

By June 1965 the Manse at 157 Markham Street was sold while under combined membership. In February 1976 some members withdrew from combined membership and began an autonomous work to be called Chapel Street Baptist Church Armidale.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1917 - Rev Putland
1884 - Rev Harvison
1959 - Rev Fred W. Randall
1960 - 1961 Rev Albert Holowell
1964 - Rev Roger Ellem Locum
1967 - 1970 Rev S. R. Jensen Serving the combined churches
1970 - 1974 Rev Jim Kime
1974 - Rev Allan Jonhston
1974 - Rev Gil Venz
1975 - Rev Ray Case
1978 - 1981 Rev Dr Bob Winters Part time
1981 - Rev Ellis Simpson Locum
1981 - 1983 Rev Ben Ewing
1984 - Rev Brian Edwards
1984 - Rev Daryle Phillips
1985 - 1989 Rev Colin Cowling
1991 - 1993 Rev Steven Fraser
1994 - Rev Tim Bose
1996 - 1997 Rev Robert Gambell
1997 - Rev Stan Igham


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