Ashfield, NSW - Baptist

Year Built: 1937

Denomination: Baptist

Address: 19 Holden Street, Ashfield, New South Wales, 2131

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wangal people

Last Updated: 03/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

The first Baptist Church building in Ashfield was in 1886 at 25 Holden Street, The current Church is the third on this site and was built in 1937. A Foundation stone reads, " This stone was unveiled to the Glory of God by Rev R. Goodman Pastor of the Church 28th August 1937".

A church of dark brown face brickwork with dressings of darker brick and cement render. The simple rectangular form is complemented by a parapetted corner tower and squat spire, by an embellished gable end facing Norton Street, and by a transverse hall the symmetrical facade of which pins the north end of the church in Holden Street.

The tower is embellished with checkerboard patterns of brick and render.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1950 - Rev A.H Harry Orr
1979 - 1987 Rev Ron Bottomley
1988 - Rev Graham Nicholls
1993 - 2014 Rev John Morrison
2016 - 2019 Rev Dannelle Mcleay
2020 - Rev Peter Thomas Interim
2021 - 2022 Rev Mark Coleman
2022 - Rev Guy Yeomans


The organ for the Ashfield Baptist Tabernacle designed by Charles Leggo was opened in 1913. With the exception of metal pipes and keys, the whole organ was manufactured at Griffin & Leggo's own factory.
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