Auburn, SA - Our Lady of Peace Catholic

Year Built: 1866

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Address: Elder Street, Auburn, South Australia, 5451

Previous Denomination: Wesleyan Methodist

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Ngadjuri people

Last Updated: 15/01/2022

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History and Architecture:

A former Wesleyan church this Gothic Revival church was built in 1866 by Joseph Meller and Scott. Constructed from Auburn bluestone it has symbolic pillars capped with open bible design, stone cuts with fine lines.

The building was later used as a Sunday School when the Wesleyans and Methodists merged until it was sold to the Catholic Church in 1916.

Further Reading

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Saturday 18 November 1916 Page 50.**

The Archbishop of Adelaide (Right Rev. Dr. Spence) administered confirmation at Port Elliot on November 12. On Sunday, November 19, he will open and bless the new church at Auburn, and will afterwards administer confirmation. **

The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Thursday 9 March 1916 Page 4 DISPOSING OF CHURCH PROPERTY. During the meeting of the Methodist Conference on Wednesday permission was given to sell certain properties no longer needed for Methodist Church purposes. A discussion took place concerning the sale of a schoolroom at Auburn, for which the Roman Catholic Church was prepared to pay 300.**


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1916 - 1920 Rev Edgar T. Pryor M
1920 - 1921 Rev Harry Alvey M
1921 - 1924 Rev Charlton J. Scarborough M
1927 - 1932 Rev Jasper Gilding M
1931 - 1934 Rev Frank J. Lomman M 1981
1934 - 1937 Rev William J.H. Brasher M
1937 - 1939 Rev Clifford T. Symons M
1947 - 1950 Rev Douglas Urban Mack M 1919 2009
1950 - 1954 Rev Victor Claude Fox M
1954 - 1958 Rev Arthur McIntyre Houston M 1903 1972
1958 - 1961 Rev Ian C. Paull M
1961 - 1962 Rev Geoffey C. Diprose M
1962 - Rev Eric J.B. Carruthers M
2014 - Father Paul Fyfe SJ PP C


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Rev. Paul Fyfe SJ PP - Parish Priest of Sevenhill**