Bald Hills, QLD - Presbyterian

Year Built: 1910

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: 58 Strathpine Road, Bald Hills, Queensland, 4036

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Yugarabul people

Last Updated: 22/10/2022

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History and Architecture:

In May 1863, the first Presbyterian Church of Bald Hills was built and opened by the Reverend C. Ogg. Three years later Bald Hills was included in Reverend Alexander Caldwell’s charge of Oxley Creek and Fortitude Valley.

This small Federation Carpenter Gothic style timber framed church was built in 1910 after the previous church, constructed on this site in 1863, burned down in 1909.

The present church was erected on the same site in 1910 and opened free of debt. The opening ceremony was performed by his Excellency the Governor of Queensland, Sir William MacGregor on Saturday October 8 and a large gathering of friends and residents from Sandgate, Nundah, North Pine and other adjacent districts attended the opening.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1869 - Rev Alex Caldwell Moderator
1872 - 1874 Rev Elder Gray
1875 - Rev W. D. Meiklejohn
1877 - Rev C. E. Amos
1888 - 1889 Rev William H. Gray
1883 - Rev Christopher Clarke
1890 - 1904 Rev W. D. Meiklejohn
1905 - 1906 Rev David Fulton
1909 - 1911 Rev J. Frew Brown
1915 - 1918 Rev W. S. Laurie
1928 - 1929 Rev W. M. Maitland
1930 - 1933 Rev Henry Corbett
1972 - 1973 Rev J. Thompson
1979 - 1982 Rev P. Barson
1990 - 2010 Rev P. Bloomfield
2019 - Rev Brad Fletcher


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