Balhannah, Sout Australia - St Thomas' Anglican

Year Built: 1865

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Thomas

Address: Cnr Onkaparinga Valley & Junction Rd, Balhannah, Balhannah, South Australia, 5242

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 22/11/2022

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History and Architecture:

There is no record of the building of the original church but it seems to have been erected in 1848. It was intended to be a school building as it had a chimney.

A new Church was proposed in 1864. Such good progress was made that in October 1864 the Church committee was in a position to accept Mr. Robert Page's plans and to call fur tenders for the building of the new church.

The foundation stone was laid on 6th January 1865 by Bishop Augustus Short The Church is of bluestone with brick quoins.

A Mr Page was a builder living at Oakbank and was something of an architect. It appears that the tenders received were not considered satisfactory, and the committee agreed to arrange themselves for the carting of the stone, and then Mr. Page's vague offer "to build as much of the walls as possible for a Church was accepted. By April 1865 Mr Page did not proceed any further with the work and new tenders were called for.

The Church was opened on 10th September 1865.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1874 - 1900 Rev John William Gower
1904 - 1923 Rev R. M. Turnball
1915 - Rev Canon Girdleston Locum
1923 - 1925 Rev R. V.S. Adams
1933 - Rev H. N. Drummond


1. The First Seventy Years of the Church of St Thomas Balhannah 1865 - 1935 H.N. Drummond