Balmain, NSW, St Andrews Congregational

Year Built: 1854

Denomination: Congregational

Saint: Andrew

Address: 217 - 233 Darling Street, Balmain, New South Wales, 2041

Architect: Goold and Field

Traditional Owners: Wangal people

Last Updated: 01/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

The foundation stone was laid on 3 August 1854. The architects were Messrs Goold and Field.

The Church building is an example of early sandstone Gothic Revival style constructed in 1854-55. It consists of nave with tower, two vestries. Diagonal buttresses clasp the tower and articulate the nave walls. Windows of two lights under arches and picturesque gabled windows are set into the slate roof.

The Church and associated Halls retain their original form, scale and details particularly the stone façade.

The dimensions were quoted as 80ft in length and 32ft in breadth and the interior included open pews of massive cedar, pulpit and communion table.

In recent times the top of the tower has been removed.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1853 - 1857 Rev T. A. Gordon
1858 - 1859 Rev T. Arnold
1963 - 1863 Rev Alex Rae
1864 - 1872 Rev Dr J. G. Fraser
1873 - 1875 Rev Samuel U. Rotherwell
1875 - 1876 Rev D. Meadowcroft
1877 - 1886 Rev Alfred G. Fry
1887 - 1890 Rev A. J. Griffith M.A.
1890 - 1896 Rev Walker Mathison
1896 - 1904 Rev Henry Gainford
1905 - 1918 Rev Martin L. Johnson B.A.
1918 - 1923 Rev Loius W. Farr
1924 - 1927 Rev W. A. Marsh
1927 - 1933 Rev Thomas B. Roseby
1933 - 1937 Rev Geoffrey Hume
1937 - 1945 Rev H. H. Mills
1946 - 1947 Rev W. T. Hooker
1948 - 1952 Rev H. H. Mills
1952 - 1955 Rev Hilda M. Abba
1956 - 1958 Rev Bruce W. Upham
1958 - 1959 Rev G. A. Bailey
1961 - Rev F. Lambert Carter


The Organ was built in 1867 by J.W. Walker of London as job number 828 and was originally installed in St John’s Anglican Church, Darlinghurst. In 1898 the instrument was moved from the rear gallery to its present position.
A full description and photos can be seen here.


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