Balmain, NSW - St Mary's Anglican (10272)

Year Built: 1848

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Mary

Address: 85 Darling Street East, Balmain, New South Wales, 2041

Last Updated: 20/11/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first settlements in Balmain took place around 1840 in the viciinity of Peacocks Point.

The first Anglican services at Balmain were conducted by the Rev Frederick Wilkinson, MA, in 1841, in a small slab and bark building at Waterview Bay, in the vicinity of Mort's Dock.

It was soon realised that Waterview Bay was too remote from Sydney's residential areas and services were transferred temporarily to Adolphus Street.  A subscription list was opened to build a church on a site donated by George Cooper. Meanwhile, in 1843, the Rev Wilkinson was appointed to the united parishes of Ashfield and Balmain.

The foundation stone for the church was laid on 1 January 1845, by Bishop Broughton, on land donated by Mitchell Metcalf. Building proceeded to the completion of the schoolroom which was also used for Sunday services, but once again it was decided that the location was unsuitable and a new site in Darling Street, on which St Mary's now stands, was acquired.

The new building was completed in 1849 and substantial additions were made in 1859.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1846 - 1848 Rev F Wilkinson
1849 - 1853 Rev F Cameron
1855 - 1871 Rev W Stack
1871 - 1876 Rev H A. Langley
1876 - 1882 Rev T B Tress
1882 - 1908 Rev M. Archdall
1908 - 1910 Rev H T Holliday
1910 - 1915 Rev J. H Price
1915 - 1921 Rev S. Best
1921 - 1925 Rev H Dempster
1925 - 1926 Rev F Kellett
1926 - 1935 Rev John Thomas Phair 1870 1953
1935 - 1938 Rev C. M Kemmis
1938 - 1942 Rev W. M Corden
1942 - 1946 Rev F. Wilde
1946 - Rev A. J. Smith
1960 - 1963 Rev Alan F. Donohoo
1962 - 1964 Rev Trevor Bryce Griffiths Ass
2015 - Rev Mark Leach


The first organ was installed in 1850.


1. Historic Churches of New South Wales.