Beecroft, NSW - Presbyterian

Year Built: 1908

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: 1A Mary Street, Beecroft, New South Wales, 2119

Architect: William Nixon

Traditional Owners: Wallumedegal people

Last Updated: 12/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

On 17 December 1903 a congregational meeting agreed to purchase the land upon which the church was subsequently built. The building for the Church was commenced on 19 September 1908 and was opened on 13 February 1909. The sandstone for the foundations was locally quarried and donated by George Frederick Willis, the father of David John Willis of the Boer War Memorial.

A Foundation stone reads, " This stone was laid by Mrs Chorley on 19th September 1908".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1901 - 1906 Rev W. H. Drewett
1907 - 1908 Rev J. A.R. Brotchie
1908 - 1940 Rev A. M. Ogilvie
1940 - 1956 Rev S. Watson
1956 - 1964 Rev H. G. Durbin
1966 - 1973 Rev H. Perkins
1974 - 1987 Rev J. Mullan
1987 - 1997 Rev D. Robson
1998 - 2003 Rev M. J. Levine
2004 - 2013 Rev P. F. Cooper
2015 - 2018 Rev A. W. Williamson
2019 - Rev P. Harris


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1. Beecroft and Cheltenham History Group. A full desciption of the church click here.