Bethania, QLD - Lutheran

Year Built: 1872

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: 73 Church Road, Bethania, Queensland, 4205

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Yugambeh people

Last Updated: 15/09/2022

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History and Architecture:

The church was built in 1872 from locally sourced handmade bricks, timber and shingles. It replaced an earlier slab church built in 1864. The building consists of a rectangular double height nave with square projections at both ends. The gable roofs over the two projecting rooms are lower than the nave roof. At the eastern end is a 1972 concrete block entry vestibule that replaced a timber entry porch.

A plaque reads, "1864 - 1964 To Commemorate the Centenary of the arrival of the Lutheran Pioneers in this area who in 1872 erected this church. PSLM 00.V1".


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