Blanchtown, SA - Advent Lutheran

Year Built: 1903

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Paisley Road, Blanchtown, South Australia, 5357

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 30/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The first Lutheran pastor was Pastor Peter Bonifacuis Hoefner, who lived on the East side of the Paisley river and conducted services at his home from 1896 to 1901. In 1901 Pastor Hoefner moved from the Blanchetown district to Queensland. The congregation then joined the Stonefield Parish whose pastor was Pastor J. P. Lohe. On February 20th 1901 the congregation purchased sec 512 Hundred of Paisley, on which to build a church. There was sufficient land for a cemetery.

The church was built by Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Lehmann using quarried cliff stone, lime (burnt fron local limestone) and sand. The timber, doors, windows, frames and roofing iron were purchased and arrived by paddle steamer from Murray Bridge. The total cost of the building was £160. The dedication of the church took place on 29th November 1903, the first Sunday in Advent.

Johanna Caroline Pahl carried the key for the of openning, which was conducted by Pastor Johann Christian Auricht.


This list does not include the St Johns congregation. These names are now in the Database and can be searched individually.

Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1896 - 1901 Pastor Peter Bonifacius Hoefner I 1856 1924
1901 - 1902 Pastor J. P. Lohe IS From Stonefield
1902 - 1922 Pastor Adolph Paul Theodor Sabel IS From Greenock 1872 1952
1922 - 1933 Pastor Ludwig Erdmann Kuss IS From Lowbank 1859 1940
1934 - 1941 Pastor Gerhardt Fehlberg From Lowbank 1907
1942 - 1952 Pastor Theodor Johannes Fuhlbohm UELCA 1887 1969
1953 - 1966 Pastor Ernst Heinrich Proeve UELCA
1971 - 1978 Pastor Frierich Wilhelm Noack From Swan Reach 1912 1995
1979 - 1985 Pastor Neil Alfred Hampel From Swan Reach 1935 2020
1986 - 1990 Pastor Andrew Charles Bettison LCA
1991 - 1996 Pastor Christopher Stephen Gallasch LCA
1998 - 2002 Pastor Wayne Richard Logan LCA
2002 - 2007 Pastor Peter Johathan Ziersch LCA
2008 - 2016 Pastor Malcolm Barry Pech LCA
2017 - Pastor Peter Wayne Traeger LCA


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