Bowral, NSW - St Simon and St Judes Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 38 Bendooley Street, Bowral, New South Wales, 2576

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Traditional Owners: Tharawal people

Last Updated: 03/12/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Church has an unusual design unlike the regular conventional form of church that it is sure to attract attention. It was a style regarded as Saxon or Norman with more subdued light in the short nave and chancels, but with a central tower which had big windows The Architect was Edmund Blacket.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1876 - 1879 Rev Richard Edgar Kemp 1849 1927
1879 - 1883 Rev Stanley Howard 1850 1883
1950 - 1958 Rev Gilbert Alexander Hook 1907 1992
1958 - 1965 Rev Boyce Rowley Horsley 1911 2001
1966 - 1973 Rev Gilber Alexander Hook 1907 1992
2022 - Rev Gavin Perkins
2022 - Rev Graham Schultz Asst
2022 - Rev Matt Jacobs Asst


In November, 1898, the Sydney organ specialist Charles Richardson conferred, in Bowral, with the Rector and churchwardens, advised a pipe organ costing £350 as most suitable for the church's requirements and offered to build a section for £250, and finish the work when the other £100 was forthcoming. The Organ was rebuilt in 1981 by George Fincham (2/25 mechanical).
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