Brighton, VIC - St Andrew's Anglican

Year Built: 1850

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Andrew

Address: Corner Church & New Streets, Brighton, Victoria, 3186

Architect: Louis R Williams

Traditional Owners: Bunurong people

Last Updated: 11/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

In 1842, the first St Andrew's Church building was opened on 30 November. The second church was opened on 29 August 1850, The Right Reverend Charles Perry, Bishop of Melbourne, laid the foundation stone for a rectangular ironstone church, designed by architect, Melbourne city surveyor and St Andrew's parishioner, Charles Laing.[8] This building was erected to the north-west of the St Andrew's Graveyard, featured plastered brick reveals and trims, was Gothic Revival in style

The third is comprised of bluestone with seven bays to the design of architect Charles Webb in 1856-57. A more modern section at the rear has been added after a fire totally destroyed the complex in 1961.

The present building, opened in 1962, was designed by the noted Australian architect Louis Williams to become the cathedral for the proposed Diocese of the Mornington Peninsula following the planned division of the Diocese of Melbourne.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1843 - 1849 Rev Adam Thomson 1800 1859
1849 - 1853 Rev William Brickwood 1817 1901
1853 - 1889 Rev Samuel Taylor
1889 - 1892 Canon William Chalmers 1834 1901
1892 - 1894 Rev John Strech
1894 - 1899 Rev Reginald Stephen
1899 - 1913 Rev Edward Arthur Crawford 1852 1913
1913 - 1917 Rev Archibald Law
1918 - 1928 Rev William Hancock
1928 - 1948 Rev Harrold Hewett
1949 - 1951 Rev Donald Redding
1952 - 1965 Rev George Codrington
1966 - 1969 Rev Ross Border 1914 1969
1969 - 1973 Rev David Hubert Shand I
1974 - 1979 Rev Don Hardy
1980 - 1993 Rev Harlin Jones Butterley
1993 - 2003 Rev Kenneth James Hewlett 1944
2004 - 2010 Rev Kenyon McKie
2010 - Rev Canon Jan Joustra
2015 - Rev Dr Sharne Rolfe Asst


The first organ, was built in1842 by Peter Hurlstone. The second organ, in 1857 by Jesse Biggs, later at Wesley Church, Ballarat.

Following a devastating fire in 1961, the grand four-manual pipe organ in St Andrew's was completed in 1964 The Organ is Australian-made, with nearly 3,000 pipes and 64 speaking stops, the War Memorial Grand Organ is one of the finest musical instruments in Australasia.

For a full desciption click here on the Organ Historical Trust of Australia..


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