Burra, SA - Redruth Methodist (former)

Year Built: 1874

Denomination: Methodist

Address: Ludgvan Street, Burra, South Australia, 5417

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 19/02/2023

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History and Architecture:

Redruth first appeared in the quarterly minute book on 24 June 1851. No members are listed and the income was 5/4. Three months later there were 4 members and the circuit income was 1-6-6. In February 1851 the Kooringa trustees had begun to build a church opposite the police station and 1-17-10 was collected at the laying of the corner stone. The church cost 228. 98 was raised by subscription and the Government gave 130. Soon almost all the men went to the Victorian gold fields and for a while services continued for the women and children, but in 1854 the church was dismantled and the roof, floor, windows, doors, pulpit and seats were used for the Spring Farm Church in the Clare District. Redruth disappeared from the Burra Circuit.

In 1857 the Kooringa trustees restored the Redruth Church. Their own church had been enlarged and they utilised the old windows, pulpit and part of the roof in the new church at Redruth. 20 was raised and 130 borrowed at 10%. By 1863 the debt stood at 108. In 1865 40 was spent on renovation and in 1874 the debt was 84. In that year the present church was erected.

The Church was opened in 1874. The Nave was built in 1874 and what is now the Transept was added the following year for the Sunday School. The Vestry was added in 1883.

The Church was closed in 1970 when it was decided to amalgamate the Redruth and the Kooringa congregations to The Kooringa Methodist Church. Prior to it being sold by the Uniting Church of Australia in the early 2000's it was part of the Youth Camp and Conference Centre that encompassed the Church, the Sunday School next door and the Courthouse Hotel across the road.

Today the church is privately owned offering accommodation.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1853 - 1854 Rev Robert Flockhart 1820 1898
1856 - 1866 Rev Charles Penney
1887 - Rev Joseph H. Hadley 1858 1941
1933 - 1936 Rev Guthrie C. Hutchinson
1939 - Rev J. A. Andrews 1889 1939
1939 - 1941 Rev Vivian R. Secombe 1911 2004
1941 - 1942 Rev Philip Neville Potter 1915 2007
1942 - 1943 Rev Henry K. Bartlett
1943 - 1947 Rev Stanley A. Barrett
1944 - Rev J. P.H. Tilbrook 1878 1956
1947 - 1951 Rev L Pitman
1949 - 1950 Rev Everleigh F. Tregilgas 1895 1954
1951 - 1952 Rev Sydney W. Line
1953 - Rev Robert D. Vawser 2005
1955 - 1960 Rev Donald G. Haydon 2017
1960 - Rev Richard J. Jenner 2004


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