Campbell Town, TAS - St Luke's Anglican

Year Built: 1835

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Luke

Address: 70 National Highway, Campbell Town, Tasmania, 7210

Architect: John Lee Archer

Traditional Owners: Tyerrernotepanner people

Last Updated: 18/07/2023

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History and Architecture:

From a plaque at the front of the church reads, "John Lee Archer the Civil Engineer under Governor Arthur had the plans drawn up for this church and the foundation stone was laid in 1835. It was then discovered that part of the base had been laid down with no foundations and a new contractor was called to complete the building which was opened in 1839.

This however did not bring an end to the problems.It quickly became apparent it had been so badly constructed that extensive repairs were needed before it could be consecrated".  

Constructed of brick, it incorporates a large tower at the west end with prominent octagonal pinnacles and a spacious aisled interior. The stained glass windows include a very rare example of the work of Arial Rosenkranz (1870-1964). The present vicarage was built in 1888, mainly through the generosity of Miss Sarah Leake.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1839 - 1839 Rev Kirkland
1854 - 1860 Rev William Brickwood 1817 1901
1860 - 1863 Rev Richard Oscar Thorpe 1828 1906
1864 - 1869 Rev George Giles 1799 1872
1866 - Rev Henry White Adams 1840 1902
1869 - 1875 Rev Basil Tudor Craig 1833 1907
1876 - 1888 Rev Charles Vaughan 1847 1918
1895 - 1905 Rev Henry Dresser Atkinson
1930 - 1934 Rev Walter Jeremiah Dodson 1869 1940
1934 - 1937 Rev Albert Thompson 1885 1936
1938 - 1951 Rev Arthur Stanley Drewett 1883 1960
1951 - 1967 Rev Lawrence Edward Dando 1901 1970
1974 - 1981 Rev Malcolm Alan Frank Downie 1913 1998
1981 - 1983 Rev Hugh David Butler 1913 2003
2020 - Rev Ian Oates


The organ was built by J.W. Walker of London in 1862 and purchased by private subscriptions of the members of the congregation of St. Luke's.  The scale is unique in Tasmania and rare even in England, extending from FFF to G, five octaves and two semitones.

A full description can be viewed here.


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