Carina, QLD - Our Lady of Graces Catholic

Year Built: 1973

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Address: 100 Mayfield Road, Carina, Queensland, 4152

Architect: Ian Ferrier, Campbell and Struthers

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 07/05/2023

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History and Architecture:

The present Church and Priory complex was constructed in 1973 and solemnly Blessed and opened on Sunday 25 March 1973 by the most Rev Archbishop P.W. O'Donnell, DD.  His Lordship Bishop E.J. Crawford, DD consecrated and dedicated the complex at 11.00am on 7 September 1975.

The cost of the complex at that time was $350,000 and was designed by Architects A. Ian Ferrier, Campbell and Struthers and built by F.C. Upton & Sons.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
- Father David Lewis
- Father Lewis Whelan 1980
- Father Louis Durell Asst 1920 2012
- Father Bonaventure Aquilina Asst
- Father Vincent McEvoy Asst 1962
- Father Paul Forrest Asst
1958 - Father Edward Jeremiah O'Leary Asst 1976
- Father Paul Jackson Asst
- Father Denis Joseph Crowley 1989
- Father Eugene Noel O'Sullivan Asst 1988
- Father Joseph Wilson
- Father Thomas Hegarty Asst
- Father Thomas Challis Asst
- Father Declan Gehring Asst
- Father Edmund Crane Asst
- Father F. X. Brown Asst
- Father Dominic Fitzmaurice
- Father James Threadgold Asst
- Father Jordan Perry Assta
- Father Mannes G. Cussen Asst
- Father Noel Mckeown Asst
1975 - Father Aquinis J. McComb
- Father Colin Fowler Asst
- Father Nick Falzun Asst
- Father Marton Wallace
- Father Joe Hefernan
- Father Reg Batten
- Father Joseph Breen Asst
- Father Peter Murnane
- Father Adrian Hellwig Asst
- Father Kieran Adams Asst
- Father Domonic Mahony Asst
- Father Anthony Balpingeri Asst
- Father Anthony Van Dyke Asst
- Father Peter Toan Nguyen
- Father Peter Galvin Acting PP
- Father Joe McReynolds Asst
- Father Joe Parkinson Asst
- Father Pancras Jordon Asst
- Father Gregory Davies Asst
- Father Paul Purcell
- Father Luis Cuadrado Asst
- Father Rafael Cabezon Asst
- Father Ian Waite Asst
- Father Joseph Truong Pham Asst
- Father Patrick Hynes Asst
- Father Benedick Hensley Asst
2022 - Father Alex Vickers


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1. Our Lady of Graces Catholic Church Carina The first 50 years 1952 - 2002 P 282.9431 OUR C1
2. Church website. For full history click here.