Clayfield, QLD - St Colomb's Anglican

Year Built: 1899

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Colomb

Address: 23 Victoria Street, Clayfield, Queensland, 4011

Architect: John Hingeston Buckeridge

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 26/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Church was designed in 1899 by J.H. Buckeridge, the Brisbane Anglican Diocesan Architect. The church was situated originally in Franz Road, but was moved to its current location in December 1920.


This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1898 - 1900 Rev Alexander McCully 1848 1921
1908 - 1913 Rev Cyril Mayhew 1863 1929
1915 - 1931 Rev David Morgan Jones 1863 1937
1933 - Rev Reginald Frank Marchant Curate 1878 1941
1965 - 1975 Rev Albert Edward Loxton 1909 1988
. - . More names to follow


This organ was originally built by Whitehouse & Co. of Brisbane at a cost of £255.3 It was first used at a service on 7 April 1914, when the choir sang Stainer's Crucifixion, and the organist was Mr E.C. Ranger.
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1. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.