Clayton, VIC - Church of Christ Fellowship

Year Built: 2012

Denomination: Church of Christ

Address: 25 Burton Avenue, Clayton, Victoria, 3168

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Kulin people

Last Updated: 24/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

On 4 February 1951, a small group of believers met in the home of Bill and Vera Munyard at 459 Clayton Road, Clayton. Within six months, numbers had increased and they had outgrown the house so the public hall in the main street of Clayton was hired for meetings. Church meetings were held here each Sunday for the next three years.

In 1951 the current block of land was purchased to prepare for the church’s expected growth. Volunteers led by Bill Munyard and Don May, built the first Church of Christ in Clayton. The building was first officially dedicated on Saturday 24th April 1954 and Conference President Mr Stan Neighbour and Mr Jim Reid addressed the crowded chapel for the first time. The first Sunday meeting was held running two services with 100 people. 117 students attended the children’s Bible School on that first Sunday. A Bible College student, Doug Holloway was the first pastor and in 1955 he was succeeded by James Reid.

In 1957, a hall extension was added to the south of the original building. With the continuing need for more space, a chapel was built in 1975, again with the help of volunteers. In 1991, the original rear hall was removed and rebuilt with all facilities now under one extended roof-line. In 2008 we saw the launch of Vision 2015. The existing building, along with the old YACC and 25 Dunstan Street, was demolished in 2009 to prepare for a new building that would be large enough to house God’s ministry in the coming years. In 2012, Clayton Church of Christ opened its new building to an emotional homecoming service.

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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1951 - 1955 Pastor Doug Hollaway
1955 - 1967 Pastor James Reid
1967 - 1972 Pastor Roy Roberts
1973 - 1977 Pastor Pat Kavanagh
1977 - 1977 Pastor Paul Cameron
1978 - 1978 Pastor Chris McKenzie
1978 - 1979 Pastor Peter De Wildt
1979 - 1979 Pastor Syd Wilkerson
1979 - 1981 Pastor Chek Chia
1981 - 1994 Pastor Barry Cutchie
1984 - 1989 Pastor Martin Burgess
1985 - 1989 Pastor Milton Lund Youth Pastor
1990 - 1993 Pastor Henry Kong Youth Pastor
1991 - 1999 Pastor Gary Berry Student
1994 - 1999 Pastor Hon Hoh Youth Pastor
1998 - 2003 Pastor David Brownless
2000 - 2009 Pastor Paul Worsnop
2000 - 2015 Pastor Philip Kua
2010 - 2015 Pastor Moses Khor
2003 - 2010 Pastor Ken Harris
2008 - Pastor Chee Seng Fah Current Pastor
2009 - Pastor Lin Hai Chinese Pastor
2013 - 2017 Pastor Kenny Koay
2017 - 2019 Pastor Greg Craanen
2017 - Pastor Kyle Schroder Current Pastor
2019 - Pastor Phoebe Chan Chinese Pastor
2022 - Pastor Sheron Wong Current Pastor
2022 - Pastor Phanin Soeur Student


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