Cloncurry, QLD - St Colman's Catholic

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Coleman

Address: 14 Sheaffe Street, Cloncurry, Queensland, 4824

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Mitakoodi, Kalkadoon, Pitta Pitta people.

Last Updated: 02/11/2022

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History and Architecture:

The Church was established in 1898.

At the time of Father Hanley's time there was no Church, and he used the old Shire Hall for Mass. He had a small residence opposite the present Police Station. He also collected money for a Church and purchased a wooden Church building in England.

When it arrived in Townsville, Father O'Keeffe was in charge of Cloncurry, as part of the Hughenden Parish. He found that the Custom dues on the building material at Townsville, added to rail and cartage to Cloncurry, was too much, so he placed the matter in the hands of Laurie Quinlan, of Townsville. He so arranged matters that Father Walsh, of Townsville, received the building material for the cost of the Customs dues, which was all that it was worth. Father Walsh erected this building as St. Patrick's Church, South Townsville, and it is still used for the purpose of a school. This left Father O'Keeffe with a debt of £40, and without a church. Finally the foundation block of St. Colman's Church was laid by Bishop Duhig on his first trip to Cloncurry on August 17 1907.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1898 - 1902 Father Hanley
1902 - Father O'Keeffe
1912 - Father James Murtagh
2022 - Father Michael Lowcock


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1. A Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee of the Catholic Parish of Hughenden