Coonalpyn, SA - Redeemer Lutheran

Year Built: 1929

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Dent Street, Coonalpyn, South Australia, 5265

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 24/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first Lutheran's to arrive in this district were in 1929. The first services were held in the old Institute on the west side of the railway line. Moves were made in 1946 and by May 1952 construction had begun. The Builders of the church were Mr Kevin Rohrlach and Mr Peter White. Built of limestone which came from Mr Zanker's and Mr Klitcher's properties.

The foundation stone was laid on 25 May 1952 by Pastor L.H. Leske. The church has six gothic windows on each side. Les Seelander did the interior work.

The Church was opened on 16 November 1952 by Reverend R Schumacher of Tailem Bend and Reverend Hansen of Naracoote. Some renovations were made in 1978 including new Sunday school rooms and a kitchen and a new roof was added in 1993.

The first wedding took place two weeks later, that of Graham Lacey and Yvonne Jericho.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1930 - 1941 J. F.M. Hansen ELSA
1941 - 1943 M. A. Beck ELSA
1967 - 1969 Pastor T. T. Reuther LCA
1969 - 1974 Pastor J. K. Wilksch LCA
1974 - 1980 Pastor I. E. Klienig LCA
1981 - 1987 Pastor B. C. Tscharke LCA
1988 - 1993 Pastor N. M. Wurst LCA
1994 - 1996 Pastor B. M. Hupfield LCA
1996 - Pastor Terry R. Natt LCA


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