Cootamundra, NSW - Christ Church Anglican (10161)

Year Built: 1972

Denomination: Anglican

Address: Bourke Street, Cootamundra, New South Wales, 2590

Last Updated: 21/04/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first Church was of sawn slabs. This was pulled down and re-erected as a Mission Church at South Cootamundra, whilst a further Church was built of galvanised iron and was put up and served as a Church. This still exists as an adjunct to the parish hail. The second Church was built in 1877, dedicated on 12/7/1878 and consecrated by Bishop Chalmers on 28/4/1901. In 1914 a baptistery was formed in the S.W. corner and two pictures hung therein, "The Presentation in the Temple" and "Christ blessing the children."

The oak altar is to the memory of Ralph Withycombe, the communion rails to Lavinia Chambers and the reredos and panelling in the sanctuary to the memory of Mrs. Elliott and her son Edwin. The oak prayer desk commemorates Mr. Roberts. The east window is in memory of Edward Prior Barnes, Adela Betts, Eliza Jane and William Thomas Meale. The stained glass window on the south side of the nave commemorates Jeanie Jenkins, a young girl once organist of Christ Church, who was burnt to death.

The current Church is constructed of brick and the Foundation stone was laid on 24 September 1972 by the Right Reverend C.A. Warren Bishop of Goulburn.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1880 - 1883 Rev S B Holt
1883 - 1884 Rev M Gray
1885 - 1889 Rev Ross J Auchinlech
1890 - Rev S J Lowdell
1891 - Rev J M Vaughan
1892 - 1906 Canon J C Betts
1907 - 1914 Archdeacon P J Simpson
1914 - 1916 Rev JH E Lewin
1916 - 1925 Rev N W Gardner
1925 - 1936 Canon D Sherris
1936 - Canon J J Done
1957 - 1958 Rev Norman Bennett Fellowes 1926
1968 - 1971 Rev Richard Christopher Simon 1941
1980 - 1987 Rev James Lewis Tregea 1929
1988 - 1997 Rev William Charles Pryce 1932
2012 - Rev Rob Donald


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