Cressy, VIC - St Andrew's Uniting

Year Built: 1912

Denomination: Uniting

Saint: Andrew

Address: Cressy Road, Cressy, Victoria, 3322

Previous Denomination: Presbyterian

Architect: D.C. Dunoon

Traditional Owners: Eastern Maar people

Last Updated: 23/08/2023

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History and Architecture:

The foundation stone was laid in 1911 by Mrs John Nelson of Kilernie and the building opened in 1913, together with a new manse that has since been destroyed. The boarded decoration in the gable of the faade and porch has since been removed. The interior includes several stained glass windows and its original pulpit and pews.

The present church in red brick was designed by Colac architect D.C. Dunoon. 


There are currently no clergy recorded for this church. Submissions are welcomed.


The Organ was built in 1947 George Fincham & Sons. It was renovated in 2006 by Wakeley Pipe Organs. It has 2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, 5 couplers, tubular-pneumatic action. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.
A full description and photos can be seen here.


1. Organ Historical Trust of Australia.