Dee Why, NSW - St Kevin's Catholic

Year Built: 1960

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Kevin

Address: 50 Oaks Avenue, Dee Why, New South Wales, 2099

Architect: Gibbons & Gibbons

Traditional Owners: Guringai people

Last Updated: 16/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The Parish of St. Kevin was established in 1928 when it was detached from Manly.

The current Church was built by Judge and Rock in precast concrete segments. Each precast section, which is 1 in. thick, was stressed together by single wires anchored against the steel pipes at each surface edge to distribute the anchorage forces uniformly into the shell.

The roof and walls of the church constitute an anticlastic or saddle shaped shell not needing the usual support of edge beams. The church, seating 500, is joined to the presbytery by means of a covered way forming the effect of a cloister or parish square. The building group will be dominated by a bell tower 60 ft. high. Contract price was £32,000. Stations of the cross and coloured glass windows were designed by John Coburn, Blake Prize winner.


This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1928 - Father M. Farrell
- Father Morris
- Father Parker
- Father O'Neil
1965 - 1971 Father John Pagnin
- Father Luigi Asteguo
- Father Graziano Tassello
1971 - 1973 Father Antonio Dal Bello
1971 - 1972 Father Saveroi Cinquetti
1972 - 1976 Father Emilio Vaccaro
1973 - 1977 Father John Raccanello
1976 - 1977 Father Georgio Baggio
1976 - 1979 Father Tizziano Martellozzo 2017
1979 - 1983 Father Corrando Martellozzo
1980 - 1986 Father Dino Torresan
- Father Barran Blaise
1985 - 1986 Father Bruno Ciceri
- Father Lauro
- Father Anthony
1999 - 2009 Father John Mello
1993 - 1999 Father Lauro Rufo
- Father Tiziano Torresan
- Father Reinaldo Vassoler
2009 - Father Vittorio Basso
2007 - 2012 Father Casey Ureta
2023 - Father Restituto Ogsimer


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1. 2024 Simon Saunders for details on Architect and ref to construction.


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