Dubbo, NSW - St Brigid's Catholic

Year Built: 1990

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Brigid

Address: 198 Brisbane Street, Dubbo, New South Wales, 2830

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wiradjuri people

Last Updated: 03/05/2024

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History and Architecture:

The parish of St Brigid's was officially established in 1865 with Father McAuliffe as priest. The original Macquarie Street church was in use until it collapsed during a storm on August 22, 1869.

The original St. Brigid’s sandstone church was designed by Mr Edward Gell, a leading architect in the colony, who had been a pupil to the famous Pugin in Europe. The sandstone walls, locally quarried on the west bank of the Macquarie River, were 12 feet above ground level in May 1870. The new St Brigid’s was designed over a three year period with a lot of parishioner input. It was opened on the 1st July 1990 with a seating capacity of 900.

A Foundation stone reads, " Dedicated by Most Rev Patrick Dougherty Bishop of Bathurst 1 - 7 - 1990".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1865 - Father McAuliffe
2023 - Father Gregory Kennedy
2024 - Father Nam Dinh Le


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