Eudunda, SA - St John's Lutheran

Year Built: 1979

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: John

Address: Corner Hanna & Kapunda Streets, Eudunda, South Australia, 5374

Architect: Drogemuller, Pudney & Associates

Traditional Owners: Peramangk people

Last Updated: 02/05/2024

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History and Architecture:

A congregation was formed at Emmaus in 1870 by Pastor E.D. Appelt of the Nain-Gnadenberg Parish. The first service was held in the home of Mr. C. Ziersch. A church was built in 1872 at Emmaus during the ministry of Pastor R. Ey and an adjoining school was also built.

Eudunda, which had originated with a wine store on busy cross roads in 1870, had grown to an expanding township. As many of the members of the "Emmaus" Congregation lived in or near Eudunda, it was decided to build a new church in Hannan Street. The church was built in 1884 at a cost of $2,200. The bell was donated by Pastor Georg's wife, Maria.

In 1900 the "St. Paul's" Lutheran Parish was established consisting of "St. Paul's" Eudunda, "St. John's" Sutherlands, "Redeemer" Friedrichswalde, and Steinthal congregations. The Ebenezer congregation was also served. The "Emmaus" congregation was affiliated with the former Evangelical Lutheran Church in Australia and the "St. Paul's" congregation was affiliated with the former United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Australia. Following the amalgamation of these two synods to form the Lutheran Church of Australia the two congregations combined to form "St. John's" Lutheran Congregation from the beginning of 1967. The combined congregation decided to worship in the larger "Emmaus" church which was re-named "St. John's" Lutheran Church. This building was not large enough to hold the full congregation and had problems with salt damp and soil movement. At the half-yearly meeting of the new congregation in July 1967 it was resolved that a new church should be built as soon as possible.

Building plans were approved for a brick and steel constructed new church in 1979, and Drogemuller, Pudney & Associates were appointed as architects. The builder was C O Juncken Pty Ltd. The new church was built on the site occupied by "St. John's" Church building and the weatherboard manse.

The closing service for the old church was was held on 18th November 1979. The furniture and fittings were removed and the building was subsequently demolished at a cost of $900.

The new church was dedicated on 21 December 1980.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1868 - 1872 Pastor Ernst David Appelt ELSA 1810 1891
1872 - 1875 Pastor Johannes Martin Rudolph Ey ELSA 1837 1893
1876 - 1887 Pastor Dietrich Wilhelm Georg ELSA 1844 1924
1890 - 1895 Pastor Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Linke ELSA 1866 1895
1895 - 1900 Pastor R. Emil J. Hanow ELSA 1862 1930
1900 - 1917 Pastor Theodor August Friedrich Nickel ELSA 1865 1953
1916 - 1917 Pastor Theodor Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Nickel Hoelty ELSA 1894 1986
1917 - 1952 Pastor Francis H.S. Hassold ELSA
1953 - 1959 Pastor Luther Paul Altus ELSA 1922 2002
1959 - 1962 Pastor Emund Waldemar Manuel Wiebusch ELSA 1916 2004
1966 - 1973 Pastor Adolf Edmund Schirmer ELSA & LCA 1911 2003
1966 - 1969 Pastor Douglas Roy Tscharke ELSA & LCA 1929 2000
1969 - 1977 Pastor Walter Percy Borgas LCA 1916 2007
1973 - 1978 Pastor Hartley Bernard Hage LCA 1930 2021
1978 - 1982 Pastor Eric Colin Kernich LCA 1923 2009
1979 - 1983 Pastor Frederick Veerhuis LCA
1982 - 1996 Pastor Elmore Theodor Harms LCA 1931 2010
1984 - 1990 Pastor David Walter Borgas LCA 1948 2020
1990 - 1996 Pastor Terry Rex Natt LCA 1949 2018
1996 - 2000 Pastor Avito Sebastiao J Da Costa LCA
2001 - 2006 Pastor James Albert Haak LCA 1959 2018
2007 - 2012 Pastor Brian Leslie Keller LCA
2014 - 2022 Pastor J. F. Mueller LCA
2016 - 2017 Pastor Peter Eugen Pfitzner LCA


The organ has two manuals of 58 notes, and a pedal board of 30 notes. The pipework consists of 494 second-hand pipes from the Norwood Wesley Methodist organ, and 125 new pipes imported from Holland. The console and organ facade, were also from the old Norwood Wesley organ.


1. Lutheran Archives with permission.