Fortitude Valley, QLD - Presbyterian (Former)

Year Built: 1885

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: 28 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 4006

Architect: Richard Gailey

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 24/10/2022

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History and Architecture:

The Fortitude Valley Presbyterian Church was started ia a very modest way on 14th February, 1866, when a congregation was formed in the Valley and met in a small cottage in Ann Street, near Morgan Street.

When, in 1883, the Reverend W. Anson Smith was called to minister to the congregation, it was decided to build a church on land purchased in Warner Street in 1881 for £500. So enthusiastic was the response that on 9th August, 1884, the foundation stone of the present church building was laid by Mr. John McMaster, M.L.A., Mayor of Brisbane, and the church was opened for public worship in May, 1885.

The Church was constructed in 1885 to a design by influential architect Richard Gailey, while the Sunday School building was designed by honorary Presbyterian architect Alexander Brown Wilson and built in 1906.

By 1884 the Valley Presbyterian Church had 138 members, and the congregation was forced to meet in the Valley Hall as it outgrew the original church building.  Reverend W. Anson Smith agitated for the construction of a church on land in Warner Street, between Ann and Wickham Streets, which had been purchased for £500 in 1881.

The rendered masonry church and school are built in complementary Romanesque or Renaissance style displaying symmetrical facades, simple low pitched gable roofs of corrugated metal sheeting, rose windows, projecting string courses and semi-circular arches and fanlights.

The building is now a Golf Club.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1866 - 1870 Rev Alex Caldwell
1878 - 1881 Rev Jas Stewart
1883 - 1885 Rev W. Anson Smith
1887 - 1892 Rev Jas Ewen
1892 - 1904 Rev Wm C. Radcliffe
1905 - 1907 Rev F. Barclay
1909 - 1914 Rev J. C. Gibson
1914 - 1920 Rev Wm. Duffey
1921 - 1924 Rev John A. Hunter
1924 - 1936 Rev Robert Millar
1937 - 1945 Rev Samuel Summers


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