Freshwater, NSW - St Peter's Presbyterian (Former)

Year Built: 1917

Denomination: Presbyterian

Saint: Peter

Address: Cnr Albert and Ocen View Road, Freshwater, New South Wales, 2096

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 19/11/2023

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History and Architecture:

The church was built in 1917, the land at the corner of Albert St and Oceanview Rd at Freshwater was bought in April 1911 after local residents asked the Presbyterian Church in Manly in 1910 if services could be held in their area. The architect chosen to design the church was Frederick Trenchard Smith, who had been elected to Manly Council in January 1911.

Its construction was won by master builders James Elder and Charles Totterdell.

The foundation stone of the church was laid on September 15, 1917, by Isabella Arthur, the wife of Dr Richard Arthur, who at the time was the member for the state seat of Middle Harbour, which included Manly and Freshwater.


There are currently no clergy recorded for this church. Submissions are welcomed.


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