Gordon, NSW - St John the Evangelist Anglican

Year Built: 1872

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John the Evangelist

Address: 754 Pacific Highway, Gordon, New South Wales, 2072

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Traditional Owners: Darramuragal people

Last Updated: 13/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

The foundation stone was laid on 26 October 26 1872.

A wall plaque reads, " St John's Historical Precinct This site is the religious and educational centre of Ku-ring-gal. Significant dates are: 1816 First church/school established 1867 First burials in cemetery 1872 Dedication of the original Church of St John the Evangelist, designed by Edmund Blacket 1981 Consecration of the present church. This plaque has been erected as a Bicentennial Project funded by the Australian Bicentennial Authority & Ku-ring-gal Municipal Council 1988".

A Foundation plaque reads, " To the Glory of God This Church of St John the Evangelist was consecrated by The Lord Archbishop of Sydney The Most Reverend Donald W.B. Robinson MA ThD on Sunday 24th October 1982. J.A. Ross Edwards P.G. Dalziel Church Wardens W.E. Weston Rector".



This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1898 - 1902 Rev Leslie Dawson Thomas Curate 1871 1939
1906 - 1908 Rev George Leslie Wallace Rooke 1880 1941
1908 - 1909 Rev William Thomas Prentice Curate 1872 1945
1908 - 1910 Rev Sydney James Woolnough Curate 1882 1950
1909 - 1910 Rev Edwin Shipley Curate 1884 1950
1916 - 1918 Rev Herbert Claude Vindin Curate 1863 1919
1933 - 1950 Rev William Frederick Pyke 1885 1952
1936 - 1947 Rev Arthur Leslie Wade Rural Dean 1876 1970
1947 - 1958 Rev Frederic William Tugwell Rural Dean 1884 1970
1982 - Rev W. E. Weston


The Organ was built in 1882 by Hill & Son of London for residence of W.R. Angus, Esq., Sydney (job no.1810). Installed in 1940in the Methodist Church, Arncliffe. Restored & installed St John's Lutheran Church, Wollongong 1979 Brown & Arkley. It had 1 manual, 6 speaking stops, 2 couplers, mechanical action. Man: Ped: 16. Installed in present location in 2012 by Peter DG Jewkes.
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1. Sydney Organ Society with permission.
2. Cable Clerical Index with permission.