Goulburn, NSW - St Andrew's Presbyterian

Year Built: 1924

Denomination: Presbyterian

Saint: Andrew

Address: 25 Clifford Street, New South Wales, 2580

Architect: William Hume

Traditional Owners: Gundungurra people

Last Updated: 07/03/2023

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History and Architecture:

By order of the Governor in 1839, 2 acres of land for a church, schoolhouse and manse were marked off in the area today bounded by Sloane, Bradley and Craig Streets,and on 21st June, 1839, the first stone of the church was laid. The architect was William Hume, and the cost was £685. After the failure of the first builder to fulfil his obligations Thomas Brodie took over as builder. The church was opened for public worship on 30th May, 1841.

It was known in early days as Scots Church, then as St Andrew’s and now is referred to as Old St Andrew’s.

The Foundation stone of the current church building was laid on 3 June 1924 by his Excellency the State Governor Sir Dudley De Chair K.C.B.

The Manse which was located up Clifford St, and whose garage wall shared with Bourke St School was supposedly used by Caroline Chisholm who assisted women and families who had recently immigrated to Australia in the 18th Century.*

A wall plaque reads, "St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church to the glory of God this building was re-dedicated by the Presbytery of Canberra on 12 February 1991 - Rev. K. King, minister and moderator of Presbytery".


This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1837 - 1846 Rev W. Hamilton
1847 - 1869 Rev W. Ross
1869 - 1875 Rev S. F. McKenzie
1876 - 1899 Rev A. M. Tait
1899 - 1900 Rev G. D. Buchanan
1901 - 1909 Rev A. M. Gould
1909 - 1911 Rev A. H. Tolhurst
1912 - 1916 Rev W. A. Williams
1916 - 1923 Rev G. Tulloch
1923 - 1926 Rev J. Keith Miller
1927 - 1933 Rev A. Crowther Smith
1933 - 1937 Rev C. H.B. Douglas
1937 - 1945 Rev S. Russell Scott
1945 - 1951 Rev W. A. Loftus
1952 - 1964 Rev Lachlan McInnes
1964 - 1968 Rev W. B. Bartlett
1968 - 1969 Rev J. McKingley
1970 - 1977 Rev J. Thompson
1977 - 1978 Rev F. G. Hollands
1978 - 1982 Rev K T. Marton
1982 - Rev W. G. Morrow
2011 - Rev Bruce Gorton
2020 - Rev George Medvedsky Interim Asst


It wasn’t until 1869 that a small harmonium was used to provide some music in the service. In 1881 a pipe organ was purchased from England which eventually cost £246.


1. Bryan John Dixon*


1. Only Just the Beginning. 150 Years of Presbyterian Witness in Goulburn 1837 - 1987.