Hobart, TAS - Baptist

Year Built: 1889

Denomination: Baptist

Address: 284 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Palawa people

Last Updated: 26/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

The original Tabernacle on this site was constructed in 1883 and took just six days. It was cobbled together from packing cases, old timber and tin with salvaged iron beams as supports. In 1884 the foundation stone was laid for a new building to be used as a church. Later it became tine Sunday School when the larger Tabernacle was constructed in front.

Construction on the Tabernacle started in 1887 and it opened 1889.

On Wednesday 20th February, 1884, the formation of the church took place in the dining room of Dr.  Benjafield's house. Those present were: Rev. Robert McCullough and his wife, Eva, Dr. Harry & Mrs. Amelia Benjafield, Joshua Tovell Soundy and his wife,Elizabeth,Jukes, William Leary and his  wife, Alice, Miss Greenwood, Mrs. Reid, Seabrook and his wife,Samuel  Bulgin Pitt and his wife, Caroline, Samuel B. Pitt  junior, Quintin  and his wife and Miss Potter.

A classic Revival designed church with plastered portal and pediment in imitation of classic Temple design favoured by Baptists. There is a tiled hip roof behind parapet.

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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1894 - 1894 Rev Morison Cumming
1897 - 1906 Rev James Blaikie
1906 - 1916 Rev F. W. Borham
1916 - 1921 Rev E Herbert Hobday
1923 - 1927 Rev Donavan Mitchell
1930 - 1940 Rev Harold G Hackworthy 1953
1940 - 1949 Rev Edward Roberts Thomson
1950 - 1962 Rev S J Merlyn Holly
1963 - 1965 Rev E Ronald Rogers
1966 - 1972 Rev Peter Stockman
1974 - 1981 Rev Rex Glasby
1983 - Rev Dr Frank Rees
2010 - Rev Stephen Baxter
2019 - Rev Michael Henderson Asst


The first Organ was built in 1896 by Fincham & Hobday for Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Hobart.Installed in 1952 present location. Removed in 1960 parts used in present organ. 2m., 11 sp.st.,.5c., tub.pn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16. Present organ built in 1960 by George. Fincham & Sons incorporahng pipework from 1896 Fincham & Hobday organ and 1927 Geo. Fincham & Sons organ formerly in residence of R.A. Raymond, Heidelberg, Victoria. 3m., 46 sp.st., 17c., el.pn. Gt: Sw: Ch: 8.8. Ped:


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