Kapunda, SA - St John's (Trinity) Lutheran

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: John

Address: South Terrace, Kapunda, South Australia, 5373

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Peramangk people

Last Updated: 27/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

Regular services commenced as early as 1880 at Bagot Well, mainly in the homes of various members including those of J.H. Schultz and Mr and Mrs Rudolf Hoffmann.

In 1900, Pastor J. J. Stolz came to Light Pass and the services at Bagot Well ceased. In 1905, members of Immanuel Synod settled near Kapunda, and desired a church of their own. Mr. & Mrs. Hoffmann (who formerly loaned their home for services at Bagot Well), donated £25 towards the venture. This support encouraged Pastor J. J. Stolz, who with movies supplied to him as a loan, purchased the church property of 'Primitive Methodist' Church in Whittaker St. (now a private home) and known as 'Little Glory', for £400.

On June 16 1907, they organised themselves as St. Paul's congregation and resolved to purchase the property from Pastor J. J. Stolz.

The formation of TRINITY Kapunda, was the result of members of 'Bethlehem' Allen's Creek, living in Kapunda, seeking a peaceful dismissal in order to have their own house of worship in Kapunda. This was an outcome from the Allen's Creek congregation building its own church. The dismissed members held their services in 'Little Glory' Church, formerly owned by the 'Primitive Methodists', until they built their own church.

They first chose the name of their church as ' St. Paul's', but later changed it to TRINITY as the 'United Evangelical' Lutheran congregation led by Pastor J. J. Stolz was already called 'ST. PAUL'S'. The name change occurred when the foundation stone was laid on the 18th December 1907.

The Foundation stone was laid on 18 December 1907 by Pastor J.E. Hansen. The Church was opened on Sunday March 8 1908.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1880 - 1900 Pastor Julius Gustav Rechner IS 1830 1900
1897 - 1906 Pastor Adolph Paul Theodor Sabel IS 1872 1952
1907 - 1910 Pastor Johannes Julius Stolz IS 1878 1962
1910 - 1928 Pastor Theodor Jakcob Hermann Gottleib Hebart IS 1881 1960
1928 - 1952 Pastor Carl Edwin August Rohde UELCA 1890 1952
1952 - 1953 Pastor Martin Theodor Renner Locum 1928 2020
1953 - 1953 Pastor Theodor Gerhard Obst UELCA 1907 1999
1953 - 1958 Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Stolz UELCA 1915 2019
1958 - 1964 Pastor Johannes Norman Lancelot Luhrs UELCA 1911 1980
1964 - 1966 Pastor Benno Edwin Bartholomaeus UELCA 1915 2009
1967 - 1968 Pastor Waldemar John Koerber LCA 1904 1970
1969 - 1977 Pastor Arnold Herbert Schmidt LCA 1925 1992
1978 - 1979 Pastor W. J. Zanker LCA
1979 - 1985 Pastor Leslie Willam Auricht LCA 1928 2018
1986 - 1997 Pastor Robert Charles Thiele LCA
1998 - 2010 Pastor K. M. Woidt LCA
2012 - 2018 Pastor Leslie Walter Pfeiffer LCA
2019 - Pastor Geoffrey Graham Kuchel LCA


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1. Lutheran Archives with permission.