Kingston, ACT - Baptist

Year Built: 1929

Denomination: Baptist

Architect: F W Peplow

Traditional Owners: Ngunnawal, Ngunawal and Ngambri peoples

Last Updated: 01/10/2023

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History and Architecture:


The Church was the first Baptist Church constructed in the ACT and one of the first permanent churches in the Territory. The church and manse were constructed in 1929 on one of the designated ‘Cathedral’ sites offered by the Federal Capital Commission. Sydney architect F W Peplow was commissioned to prepare plans. The contract for construction was let to R E Midson and the foundation stones for the church and manse were laid on 21 March 1928. The church was dedicated for public worship on 24 February 1929.

The Church is designed in the Inter-War Gothic style. Construction is red-face brickwork. Horizontal bands of contrast in black-Brown bricks are a feature of the church exterior. The banding is two course high on the main church and single course on the entry.

A Foundation stone reads, " This stone was laid to the Glory of God by the Rev J.H. Goble first President of the Baptist Union of Australia 21st March 1928".



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1929 - 1948 Rev Dr Waldock
2023 - Rev Belinda Groves


First organ unknown builder and was installed in 1929 from Congregational Church, Killara. Repaired in 1933 Hill, by Norman & Beard. Remade c.1958, and pipework sold to Baptist Churches: Mortdale and East Lindfield. Present organ built in 1958 by J.P. Eagles, Rebuilt in 1982 by A. Welby. It has 2m., 21, 3c., el.mag.
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